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Transnet Overview

Transnet is the largest and most crucial part of the freight logistics chain that delivers goods to each and every South African. Every day Transnet delivers thousands of tons of goods around South Africa, through its pipelines and both to and from its ports. It moves that cargo on to ships for export while it unloads goods from overseas.

Our vision and mission is to be a focused freight transport company, delivering integrated, efficient, safe, reliable and cost-effective services to promote economic growth in South Africa.

We aim to achieve this goal by increasing our market share, improving productivity and profitability and by providing appropriate capacity to our customers ahead of demand.

Transnet is fully owned by the South African government but operates as a corporate entity aimed at both supporting and contributing to the country’s freight logistics network. It aims at developing South African industry, reducing the cost of doing business, while at the same time operating efficiently and profitably.


Transnet operates and an integrated freight transport company, formed around a core of five operating divisions that complement each other. These are supported by a number of Company-wide specialist functions such as Transnet Projects which underpin the group as a whole.

Transnet has just successfully completed a four-point turnaround strategy and just embarked on a four-point growth strategy. Just prior to adopting our growth strategy, we embarked on a rebranding exercise. As part of that growth strategy, Transnet is investing R78 billion on revitalizing and extending its infrastructure. These plans include widening and deepening ports; building a new pipeline and buying hundreds of new locomotives.

The new Transnet is made up of the following operating divisions:

  • Transnet freight rail (formerly Spoornet – the freight rail division)
  • Transnet rail engineering (formerly Transwerk - the rolling stock maintenance business)
  • Transnet national ports authority (formerly the NPA - fulfils the landlord function for South Africa’s port system)
  • Transnet port terminals (formerly SAPO - managing port and cargo terminal operations in the nation’s leading ports), and
  • Transnet pipelines (formerly Petronet - the fuel and gas pipeline business, pumps and manages the storage of petroleum and gas products through its network of high-pressure, long distance pipelines)

For the future, it is our intention to strengthen our partnerships to derive greater value from our freight logistics system. We intend to play a positive role economic growth in South African and in improving the lives of all South Africans.