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Corporate Social Investment


Corporate Social Investment (CSI) aims to empower communities to develop themselves through the redeployment of Transnet National Port Authority resources to communities that are in need. We do all this because our communities make us who we are.

Responsible corporations like us believe that good corporate citizenship is an investment, and consequently, a progressive CSI programme has been designed to meet the needs of our communities.

Who is Transnet National Ports Authority?

Transnet National Port Authority is a facilitator of trade and economic development through its landlord, marine and regulatory functions. It is a vital link in the transportation chain of exports and imports in South Africa. This it does by upgrading the port system infrastructure, providing safe navigation facilities and management of the environment thus enabling our port system to be a success.

Area of Investment

Criteria for Selecting Projects within Focus Areas:

Preference should be given to groups and organisations that:

  • non-profit, registered, voluntary and community-based organizations, faith based organisation
  • well-administered and financially stable
  • demonstrate their effectiveness at meeting their stated goals
  • demonstrate broad community support and involvement
  • marginalized groups(people living with disability, HIV and Aids, youth, women and children and aged)
  • Gender equity and equality ( 30% of the beneficiary shall support women)

CSI Focus areas

Focus Areas

The four primary focus areas of the CSI program are:

  • Education and Training
  •  Environment
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Enterprise Development
  • Employee Volunteerism

Education and Training

Transnet National Ports Authority's ultimate aim is to use the maritime sector as a key lever in pursuing economic growth, poverty alleviation, job creation and competitiveness.

Reviving the interest of careers in disciplines such as marine navigation and marine engineering.

Supporting marine awareness and development educational upliftment programmes, with a particular focus on Pure Mathematics, Science and Technology, in secondary schools and tertiary institutions


Environment projects should support sustainable port management with particular emphasis on:

Supporting Coastal zone management programmes which includes marine environment education, research and awareness as well as marine culture resource management programmes geared towards conservation of cultural resources.

Supporting Pollution Control and Waste Reduction Management Programmes through education, public awareness campaigns and disaster reaction campaigns.

Supporting Marine conservation through programmes which focus on the awareness of port environments, minimizing of pollution, and awareness on energy utilization and conservation.



  • The term "Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC)" is used to describe all children who are judged to be vulnerable and at risk, including children affected by poverty, conflict and HIV and AIDS.
  • Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • Child-headed households affected by the scourge of HIV and AIDS and poverty
  • Supporting projects for children living with disabilities
  • Care-giver support and training

Focus will not be on projects that relate to:

  • Education/awareness
  • Treatment
  • Care-giver salaries

Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development projects will concentrate on funding the development of community business with particular focus on:

  • Artisan projects
  • Agricultural projects
  • Environmental projects
  • Entrepreneurial skills training

Funding will not cover:

  • Arts and cultural enterprise development projects
  • Salaries and administrative costs


The following should generally not be eligible for support:

  • Individuals
  • Professional fund-raisers working on behalf of an organisation
  • Generic requests that may have been sent to various organizations - the 'To whom it may concern' letter
  • Political Donations - to political parties, candidates, other political organisations or initiatives For-profit organisations
  • Travel expenses
  • Activities which may be considered of questionable taste or which the broad society would consider involves inappropriate behaviour
  • An activity/project/organisation whose objectives infringe the Bill of Rights or the Constitution or legislation of the Republic of South Africa
Corporate Affairs Manager

Port of Cape Town
P O Box 4245
Fax +27 21 449 3006

Port of Durban
P O Box 1027
DURBAN, 4000
Fax +27 31 361 8527

Port of East London
P O Box 101
Fax +27 43 700 1043

Port of Port Elizabeth
P O Box 162
Fax +27 41 507 1957

Port of Richards Bay
P O Box 181
Fax +27 35 905 3604

Port of Saldanha
Private Bag X1
Fax +27 22 701 4349


Projects of a national interest are to be addressed to:

Transnet Naional Port Authority of SA
P O Box 32696
Fax +27 11 351 9030