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Durban : Services

Off Port Limits Service

The rendezvous position for Off Port Limits is 4 NM east of Cape Natal.This area is free of port dues,etc.Launch service is available 24 hours per day.Helicopter service is restricted to daylight hours.

Fresh water supplies

Fresh water supplies are available ex pipeline at all berths.The pumping rate is 50 tph.


A fire protection service is provided for fire-fighting and other related services.

Hazardous cargo

The Port Liaison Officer is responsible to the Port Captain for the movement and control of all explosives and hazardous cargoes within the boundaries of the port.This includes all I.M.D.G.cargoes from Class 1 to Class 9 either in bulk or containerised. All documentation for these commodities must come through this office,ie.copies of import/ export permits,all hazardous manifests and issuing of Explosive Rail Permits forshipment from Gauteng to the Port of Durban for ongoing carriage to foreign ports.

Pollution Control

This function falls under the Port Captain’s department and deals with pollution control measures within the Port of Durban and its environs. It provides a functional and operational pollution network within the Port of Durban covering the perimeter of approximately 21 km. Ongoing services include the maintenance of the water quality of the bay as well as monitoring and tracing the source of effluent entering the harbour through storm water drains and rivers flowing into the harbour. The department operates a small anti-pollution craft for collecting surface pollution and is equipped with oil skimmer facilities. This department assists in the prevention and combating of chemical and oil pollution from ships and is in charge of any clean-up operation in the port using either own staff or contractors. The pollution department liaises with private, government and civic authorities to prevent pollution.

Island View No.7
(Dolphin Berth)
(draught =11,9 m)

Products handled:
fuel oil,diesel oil,gas oil and Mogas.
2 booms 10 ” lines for white oils.
2 booms 10 ” lines for black oils.
. No simultaneous load and discharge.All bunkers available.Minimum LOA 168 m.

Island View No.8
(Dolphin Berth)
(draught =12,0 m)

Products handled:
Black oil only.
4 booms 10 ” lines.
All bunkers available.
Minimum LOA 168 m.

Island View No.9
(Dolphin Berth)
(draught =12,2m)

Crude Oil Berth
also bunkering of fuel oil and diesel oil.
No gas oil or blends.
Minimum length over all 168 m.

Bulk Cargo

4 privately owned bulk handling facilities are available in the port for the import and export of free-flowing bulk commodities.

4 coal berths are available for the handling of coal and anthracite.

A privately owned sugar terminal is situated at Maydon Wharf and handles bulk and bagged sugar exports.

Numerous other privately owned facilities for the handling of specialised commodities such as forest products,granite,molasses etc.are situated in the port.


Fuel and diesel oil is available ex pipeline at Pier No.1,Container Terminal and Island View berths.Gas oil ex pipeline is only available at Island View berths 4,5,6,7 and 8,while blends are available at Island View 2 to 8.The Maydon Wharf,Point and Bluff berths are served with fuel oil,diesel oil, gas oil and blends from bunker barge.

No bunkers are supplied outside the port.


A full diving service is offered by professional divers equipped with modern equipment and marine expertise.


Ship chandling which is readily available, is carried out by private enterprise.


Stevedoring aboard vessels is undertaken by private stevedoring companies.