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TNPA > Our Ports > East London > Port Infrastructure and Equipment
​Total port area (Surface area)

Land - 1,99,833 sqm, and water - 1,452,000 sqm river

Surface area of stretch water​ ​17,300 000 sqm
Maximum dept of stretch water​ ​12,5 m
​Entrance channel (length, width, depth) ​(Length, breath, depth) +-1,5km, 180 m width at narrowest part, 11,0m - 14,0m
​Total number of quays ​11 berths (6 quays)
​Maximum depth at quayside ​8,5m - 10,7m
​Heavy equipment:
​Granty cranes ​Nil
​Quayside cranes ​Nil
Port gantries​ ​Nil
​Other tools ​Fleet of straddle carriers
​Other Equipment:
​Computers ​SAP (HR & ERP), MS Trend Micro office scan, Autocad, GCOS, Microsoft Office, Windows XP
​Surveillance equpment ​Port is fully covered with a comprehensive CCTV surveillance network (108 cameras)
​ Scanners ​Nil
​Other security equipment ​Port is fully fenced and manned 24 hours. All terminals are fenced with access control points for additional security. Port is ISPS compliant
​Cold Storage connections ​Nil