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Mossel Bay : Services

Working hours

Berthing of tankers at CBM and SPM during daylight hours only. Unberthing from SPM, 24 hours a day.

Pollution Control

The port is equipped with an oil-containment boom of 150 m in length, a skimmer and oil dispersing equipment.

Fresh water supplies

Fresh water supplies are available at all berths.

Air supply

A constant 700 kPa air supply is available at the slipway between 06:30 and 16:00.


Telephones are available for ships from the telecommunications company, Telkom. The request is directed via the ship’s agent.


Electricity is available on application at all berths. The supply is 380/220 V 3 phase 4 wire at 50 Hz. Rates are available on application.

Refuse removal service is available free at all berths on request from the Port Captain. All commercial vessels are encouraged to make use of this service for galley refuse.

Limitations e.g. harbour entrance depth

The entrance channel has a depth of 8 m. Ships intending to anchor in the bay must keep clear of the approach channel. The maximum draught for the port is 6,5 metres where MGO and water are available.


Marine diesel fuel is provided at quays nos. 2, 3 and 5 and at the Vincent jetty.


A full diving service is offered by professional divers equipped with modern equipment and marine expertise. Services that are undertaken include the following:

  • hull inspections and cleaning
  • all general repairs
  • underwater welding and cutting
  • underwater photography
  • salvage work including the use of air bags
  • construction work

Chandlers and Stevedores

These services are provided by private enterprises.

Transport (Internal/Rail/Road)

The port has direct transport links with the main consumer markets and industrial zones in Southern Africa. Railways link the port with the Gauteng area, as well as South Africa’s northern neighbouring states.