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Saldana: Berth

Berth specifications Gearless vessels are preferred.

Oil terminal (berth 1) Situated at the end of the ore jetty.
Tanker jetty length = 365 m
Permissable draught =21,25 m
Maximum air draught = 19 m (waterline to manifold)
Maximum displacement = 300 000 mt
Maximum L.O.A. = 333 m
Commodities: Liquid bulk crude oil is handled by pipeline.

The tanker berth is equipped with 3 x 16” connection Chicksan hydraulic arms, placed 11m apart on the jetty. Port midships derrick/crane is required on berthing. Special spooling pieces are bolted to the ship’s manifold to enable the arms to be attached. The maximum freeboard allowed is 19,0 m. The arms have a very limited ranging capacity and are fitted with audible alarms to warn of their limits.

The storage tanks are about 8 km away (outside port limits) and a discharge rate of up to 10 000 tons per hour can be obtained. The Surveyor, Discharge Advisor and Agent stay on board throughout discharge/loading. Scuppers must be cemented prior to commencement of discharge.

Iron ore jetty

Ore jetty length = 630 m.
Maximum permissible draught = 21,25 m.
Maximum beam = 58 m. Minimum beam = 30 m.
Maximum air draught = 22 m.

Minimum safe clearance under chute: east side = 24,5 m, west side = 24,5 m height from CD (including 2,2 m safely factor).
Maximum dw = 320 000 t.
Minimum dw = 50 000 t.
Commodities: iron ore.